La Route des Chefferies is a unique association in sub-Saharan Africa, which has been working for the past twenty years to safeguard and enhance the cultural, natural and creative heritage of Cameroon.

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Cameroun, nouvelle Préfecture - Bafoussam
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The dynamic team behind RDC

The headquarters of the Route des Chefferies is located in Bafoussam, in the West region of Cameroon. Also present in Douala, the Route des Chefferies also has a branch in France, at the Association Pays de la Loire-Cameroun in Nantes. The Route des Chefferies has several centers of work and reflection, within which about fifty people work.

Sylvain Djache Nzefa

General Coordinator

Stéphanie Dongmo Djuka

Operations Manager

Claude Mbafou

Financial and Administrative Manager

Paule-Clisthène Dassi Koudjou


Stéphanie Noumeyi Jiazet

Environment and monitoring-evaluation manager

Eric Dassi Tcha

Head of architecture and built heritage

Gislaine Mangoua

Head of communication

Myriam Chiemgnie

Head of cultural development

Lili Maryse Kouloufe

Manager of the training center (CEFOPICC)

Vincent Chouameni

Logistics Manager

Linda Ekoumé

Douala focal point

International experts

Rachel Mariembé

Doctor, head of the heritage and museology department of the IBA in Nkongsamba and associate curator of the exhibition « Sur la Route des Chefferies du Cameroun. Du visible à l’invisible »

Blaise Etoa

Associate curator of the cultural season of Cameroon in Paris, communication expert

Laurentine Assiga

Cultural journalist, president of the RJ2C

Cindy Olohou

Art historian, founder of the Wasanii Ya Léo agency and associate curator of the exhibition « Sur la Route des Chefferies du Cameroun. Du visible à l’invisible »

Family pictures

La Route des Chefferies finally regularly welcomes national and international trainees, from major schools: the institutes of fine arts in Cameroon, the Louvre school in France etc. The dialogue between cultures, and the promotion of youth are themes to which la Route des Chefferies attaches significant importance.