La Route des Chefferies is a unique association in sub-Saharan Africa, which has been working for the past twenty years to safeguard and enhance the cultural, natural and creative heritage of Cameroon.

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Heritage Conservation

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Conservation and protection of

In its mission to protect heritage, the Route des Chefferies places great importance on identification, conservation and restoration. The inventory of heritage, the digitization of data, the preventive and curative conservation, the inventory and the restoration of objects are all components of the work carried out by the conservation division of the Route des Chefferies. These activities are governed by rigorous protocols that are adapted to the context of the object. The conservation unit helps the museums in the network by providing occasional support for the restoration of works, donating the necessary equipment, providing training  to the managers and the awareness of a regular preventive conservation of the exhibited works. The Route des Chefferies regularly organizes workcamps and training in preventive conservation and heritage restoration with international experts, for students, museum managers and cultural professionals.

Finally, it inventories intangible expressions through interviews, videos, photographs and the digitization of data (dances, music, ceremonies and rituals, etc.).