La Route des Chefferies is a unique association in sub-Saharan Africa, which has been working for the past twenty years to safeguard and enhance the cultural, natural and creative heritage of Cameroon.

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For several years, la Route des Chefferies develops the concept of « Routes Patrimoniales » of Cameroon, which aims to propose a cultural and tourist development of the territory. Its activities having been mainly concentrated in the Grassfields at first, the Route des Chiefdoms intends to contribute to the protection and promotion of heritage throughout the country. This project is divided into 4 branches:

  • La Route du Sahel: in the North, officially launched in December 2018 and headquartered in Maroua
  • La Route de l’Eau: which includes the coast and goes up to the Sanaga
  • La Route des Seigneurs de la forêt: which revolves around the richness of the fang-béti-bulu and baka
  • And the continuation of the Route des Chefferies des Grassfields: with the work on new heritage huts, the renovation of the oldest ones and the development of new museums


The International City of Music and Dance (CIMUDA)

The project of the International City of Music and Dance (CIMUDA) is part of a strong desire to offer a space for expression, conservation, and preservation of the rich musical and choreographic heritage of Cameroon. To meet these objectives, the complex will be equipped with an outdoor space of 9.8 hectares which will house a sound garden and an outdoor stage. The indoor concert hall will allow the Cimuda to host artists in all seasons. The 2000m2 of the main building will house a museum, a temporary exhibition room and thematic rooms (costumes, musical instruments) that will reflect the richness of the musical and choreographic heritage of the whole country. A storage room will also be part of the complex. The exhibition rooms will be enriched by the multimedia space which will be equipped with a sound library. Thanks to its mediation pole, educational activities and workshops will be offered. Finally, an administrative pole will allow the good management of the latter.


A unique project in Africa, the International City of Heritage and Cultural and Creative Industries will offer Cameroon an international showcase on its heritage. This large building will contribute to reflection on heritage and ICC, to promote cultural activities, to be a place of work and learning for all, especially young people.

This place will consist of a main building which will house a gallery to present temporary exhibitions, work centers on themes such as museography, architecture etc. A coworking and networking space will allow exchange and sharing. Two additional buildings will join this space: the training center of the Route des Chiefdoms (CEFOPICC) and the headquarters of the organization.

Construction will start at the end of 2022.

The International Museum of African Independence

Carried by the Route des Chefferies and the APLC for several years, this building will address these issues of independence and colonization in Africa. A strong desire is to offer keys to understanding these moments, which are part of contemporary history, while contributing to the duty of memory. The building will be installed in Bassa country, in connection with the history of independence in Cameroon. A main building will house a museum, a media center and an auditorium. Outside, a garden of independence will be created with contemporary artists.

In 2022, the first part of this project will see the light of day. The Route des Chefferies will inaugurate the temporary exhibition centered on the independence of Cameroon.