La Route des Chefferies is a unique association in sub-Saharan Africa, which has been working for the past twenty years to safeguard and enhance the cultural, natural and creative heritage of Cameroon.

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Cameroun, nouvelle Préfecture - Bafoussam
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Bamendjinda heritage Hut: Art, Traditions, Slaves

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The Bamendjinda heritage hut is one of the first and only museums whose theme is the history of slavery in the world. It has benefited from the expertise of the Route des Chefferies, recognized researchers and international organizations specializing in this history. The first part of the museum is devoted to the history of the Bamendjinda group. The second presents slavery in its diversity, the slave trade and its historical and social consequences in the chiefdom and in the world. The museum participates in the duty to remember this history.

In 2022, the chiefdom loaned objects for the exhibition « Sur la Route des Chefferies du Cameroun » .These objects returned to their place at the end of the exhibition.

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